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Unspoken Whispers

Art has always held a sacred place as one of the most profound forms of human expression. When we delve into the realm of Art, the visuals that come to mind often take precedence. However, Art goes beyond the surface and serves as a profound means of communication, not only with others but with the depths of our own souls.

My journey into the realm of Art meditation and its profound connection to the spiritual aspects of our being began when I immersed myself in the study of Persian textiles. These intricate weavings carry within them a rich tapestry of styles, with weavers meticulously adhering to predetermined designs reflecting local or national aesthetics. However, amidst this woven landscape, there exists a unique creation known as the Gabbeh.

The Gabbeh stands apart from its counterparts, as its weavers do not conform to preset styles or patterns. Instead, they embark on a deeply personal and intuitive journey, allowing their hearts to guide their hands. It is a manifestation of pure, unadulterated emotion—an art form born from the depths of their souls. In Kurdish and Lur languages, the Gabbeh is referred to as “GAVA,” a name that resonates with the essence of my studio.

In the realm of GAVA, my studio, I aim to honor this profound connection between art and spirituality. By embracing the untamed expressions of the soul, we create a space where art becomes a vessel for spiritual exploration and self-discovery. Through this sacred artistry, we transcend boundaries, communicate our innermost truths, and forge a profound connection with ourselves and others.

Within the realm of GAVA, art becomes a gateway to the realm of the divine, a language that surpasses words, allowing our souls to commune in a realm beyond the tangible. It is within this sacred space that I invite you to embark on a transformative journey, to explore the depths of your being, and to give voice to the unspoken whispers of your soul through the medium of art.

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